So many things top our list of what to look forward to when we're attending an Indian wedding. We want to see what the bride is wearing, what the mandap looks like, what color the bridal party is know, the usual. But there's one thing that probably tops everyone's list in anticipation of a good Indian wedding, and that's the food. Whether a catered luncheon after the ceremony or a fabulous feast at the reception, food is definitely on your guests' minds. If you weren't hungry when you got to this post, you're about to be, because we're sharing some sensational and savory pics of some of our favorite Indian dishes that are more than familiar with being a part of yummy wedding fare. Finding the right catering company or restaurant to feed you and your guests is a big thing. Having a few of the staple dishes that people have come to expect and love is also important. To help you narrow down some of the most delicious and delightful dishes we love to see, smell and taste at weddings, we've selected seven of the most popular palate-pleasing platters you should definitely include at your celebration, if you haven't already. From tandoori chicken to crunchy pakoras and cooling raita, these delectable Indian delights are sure to make your mouth water!

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Food featured by:

(1) Tandoori Chicken and (6) Paneer, Amber India

(2) Panipuri and (4) Pakora, Monsoon Catering

(3) Saag, Moghul Caterers

(5) Naan and (7) Raita, Milan Catering

Venues: Monsoon Catering | Catering: Milan Catering | Catering: Moghul Caterers