In 1949, Carol Channing declared that "Diamonds are a girl's best friend", and in 1953, one Norma Jeane Mortensen made the saying stick. While men have their dogs, women may require a bit more sparkle — but don't get us wrong, we love our pooches too! Especially if its wearing a gem-encrusted Harry Winston collar? All joking aside, when the Raja of your dreams is getting ready to get down on one knee and pop the question, he must have a million and one thoughts running through his mind — one of them being, "What if she doesn't like the ring?". Well, call your potential hubbies over quickly, or share this post with them, because we're going to share some rings we know a Maharani would never say "no" to! From vintage-inspired to contemporary and less traditional stones, to classic ones and colossal ones, we've got the perfect pick of eight of the most eye-catching diamond rings we've seen on our site. Check them all out and make sure the soon-to-be hubs takes note!

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Hope we didn't blind you with these brilliant beauties!