Maharanis and magnificently done makeup go hand-in-hand, and for eons, South Asian bride's have probably been the most fabulously made up brides in wedding history. Maybe we're bias, but hey, you know our bride's are pretty incredible, right? From the sultry and dramatic, to the fresh and barely there, our team is constantly inspired by the different ways make up artists work their magic on our Maharanis. Seeing brides get ready for their wedding ceremony, or for an unforgettable reception, is always a highlight. There's something so bittersweet and uber special about those precious moments that are undeniably beautiful. We've put together a collection of eight of the most memorably made up Maharanis we've seen recently, and are sharing their bridal looks with you today in hopes we can keep spreading the inspiration. Check out these phenomenal beauties, and find out which MUAs are responsible for their makeup marvels after the jump!

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Make Up Artist from top to bottom, and left to right: 1. Bollywood Makeup Artist, 2. Sonia C, 3. KC Makeup by Karuna Chani, 4. tEna New York, 5. Flawless Beauty by Pauline, 6. Ruqs Salon, 7. Singar Studio, 8. Makeup by Sana