Being an Indian bride comes along with several significant and cultural duties, which are all pretty fab if you ask us. One of the more traditional elements is that of the bridal jewelry. Way back when, Indian bride's were gifted their wedding jewelry by family as somewhat of an insurance policy. Once married, everything that was hers, was now also her husbands — except for her precious bridal jewels. If times were tough, these treasures became a savings account of sorts. While time has changed tradition to a certain degree, we can still count on Indian brides to rock some of the most amazing bling on their wedding day. Among the most iconic pieces are the tikka and the bangles, but one of the accessories we love seeing most is the nose ring. It's significance varies from region to region, but whether a Maharani has chosen to pierce or clip a nath for decorative purposes or as something symbolic, we love her for it. Because it's one of the most unforgettable details that make up a Maharani's bridal style, we decided it was high time we shined a spotlight on some of our most memorable nose rings and share them with you today! Check them out!

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Weren't they all simply breathtaking?! We surely think so!