You've heard of shabby chic, but how about Shaadi chic? That's what we're all about here at Maharani Weddings. From bridal fashions to reception decor, our brides know how to turn up the lux factor to 11! When it comes time for a Maharani to make the sweetest decision in the wedding process, she should never hold back — after all, a Princess must stand out. When it comes to wedding cakes and every contemporary translation of them under the stars, we've seen some of the most amazing and unique designs on our site, and among our favorite styles is the shabby, I mean shaadi, chic creation. Those uber pretty, mega magnificent and absolutely fab cakes and treats that are almost too gorgeous to cut into. After a serious session of reminiscing over some of our fave desserts in this category, we decided we had to share them with you gals all over again! Check out these seven remarkably revel-worthy delights and try not to fall in love with them — I dare you.

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photo #42187
photo #42188
photo #42191
photo #42192
photo #42189
photo #42193

Did that put a tingling in your sweet tooth? We know it did ours!