Let's face it, when it comes to weddings it's all about the bride. We love our grooms dearly, but they will never understand why it's so important to get those sparkling Jimmy Choos (which will be hidden under a lengha) or why we need to spend hours in hair and makeup (when we are just as beautiful without it). We go above and beyond with every detail so our fairytale moment can come to life! While little boys might not dream about the perfect wedding outfit or the 7-tiered red velvet cake or the blingtastic floral and decor elements, they do have one thing to look forward to: the baraat! This moment is his alone and it should feel just as magical as your first step down the aisle! Get the scoop on how to make your groom feel like a true Raja with these awesome ideas!

  • If you are all for a traditional wedding, you can't go wrong with your honey on a horse! This is an Indian wedding staple when it comes to the baraat procession and this ever-classic mode of transportation makes for a truly magnificent Prince Charming moment! 

  • For fusion or destination weddings, why not incorporate elements of different cultures into your groom's grand entrance? I love these Chinese dragons alongside the booming beats of the dhol; it's the perfect way to bring together two soul mates and their traditional roots. April from Robles Video had a Mariachi band! I mean, how cool is that?!

  • The city is alive and love is in the air! One of my favorite sights is a baraat through a busy urban street! (Like Wall Street!) Everyone will wonder what is causing all the commotion and all eyes will be on your dashing groom! If you have a bridal suite nearby, make sure you take a peak from your window! (This makes for some of the sweetest shots!)

  • Beach weddings are all the craze these days! Who wouldn't love to tie the knot in paradise?! A baraat on the sand makes for some breathtaking shots! The wind in his hair, sand in his toes, and waterfront view? You're groom will surely be a happy camper! If your sweetheart is on the adventurous side, how about an entrance on a surfboard or even jet skis? These are two of the most original ideas I've seen!


  • Take a cue for Prince Ali in Aladdin and go big! These majestic creatures are so prominent in Indian culture so it's only fitting to arrive in style on top of one! An elephant is a sure-fire way for your Raja to steal the show! 

  • Give your true love a real James Bond moment by renting a helicopter! This is one epic arrival that will have guests in awe! The best part of this wedding perk is that you can make your exit as newlyweds with your heads in the clouds! 

  • If your future hubby likes fast cars, the only way to go is for him to roll out in a luxury ride! Whether it's a Lambo, Rolls Royce, Aston Martin, or even a Harley; your bridegroom will be beaming as he makes his way to the venue! 

I hope your groom's baraat is everything he's dreamed of! Check back next week for even more inspiring wedding ideas!