We are sure you, ladies, remember Shivangi & Darshan's gorgeous feature here in Maharani Weddings. The celebration was filled to the brim with everything we love about Indian bashes, and today for your inspiration, we have their gorgeous highlight reel, beautifully created by the team of Perspective Captured. Noblesse and striking style were just some of the features of this gala and that also thanks to the work of Aishas Wedding Decor. They took it up a notch with the floral and decoration! So dazzling! The three-day celebration was a thing for the ages, so was Maharani Shivangi fashion choices. As we will see, the gorgeous bride for the main ceremony chose to wear the traditional burgundy colors with touchups of champagne and gold that totally had me sighing. Just wait until you take a look at the gorgeous landscapes and moments caught in today's filmy! Truly to daydream about! If that wasn't enough, just a quick glimpse of how the guests were dancing the night away with Amplifire Entertainment's curated playlists, is already proof that when it comes to fun, none like our Indian friends to bring it. So hit play below for details!


More to come, stick around!