Indian weddings are magnificent, the traditions, the colors, the joy, the dancing, the food... I can keep on going forever and that's why we love seeing new ideas take place. Maharanis are incorporating new trends, new styles, and making their event a true reflection of their love. Priya & Kunal had an amazing idea and recruited Regal Palette Studio to create an introduction film to play for their nearest and dearest to kick off their wedding reception. The city of Leeds was the location of choice to film a heartwarming video before becoming husband and wife. I'm in awe with such splendid nature views Priya & Kunal are showing us around! Maharanis, grab a cup of tea, your notebook and don't miss a second of this wonderful film. Hit play and let's join our nature lover's on their final hike before becoming Mr. and Mrs.!

Get more inspiration for your big day with tomorrow's video blog!

Cinematographer: Regal Palette Studio