These days, cinematic wedding videos are pretty much normative, so when Akbar Sayed Photography sent us this proposal video, we were excited to catch a glimpse of Kushal and Darshni’s journey from dating to engaged. The very lovestruck Kushal chose to give Darshni a keepsake of the proposal would keep it etched on their minds forever, by having the whole proposal filmed by Akbar Sayed Photography, followed by an engagement photo session. It was a long time coming for these two lovebirds, almost seven years since their first date. “Our first date was at Chipotle of all places, and it lasted for three hours”, recalled Kushal. “We opened up so much during that one date, and I still remember how he smiled at me and I knew this guy was something special”, added Darshni. You can tell from the glint in their eyes that Kushal and Darshni really are each other’s soulmates. “Everything about this relationship was so effortless so far, and it felt like this amazing friendship blossomed through the years”, Darshni shared. Kushal picked a balmy day and a picturesque spot in Georgetown, Washington DC to propose to his ladylove. The waterfront location of Georgetown Bridge was just the right spot for Kushal to go down on his knee, after which Darshni inscribed the words “she said YES” on the back of his hand! *AWW* Check out the photos from their post-proposal session, and enjoy this video! 

"Each day with you is like an adventure, and makes me feel like anything is possible. I can’t wait to see what the rest of our lives has in store for us," said Kushal. Same here, Kushal, same here - if this video was anything to go by, we’re sure the wedding is going to be super heartwarming and gorgeous!

Photography: Akbar Sayed Photography | Cinematographer: Akbar Sayed Photography