We all know Kismet Event Design for planning and designing the most gorgeous Indian weddings, but they're dazzling us today like never before with Mohnia and Ankit's spectacular shaadi! Not only did they provide the stunning florals that made the ceremonies magical (1:20), but they also designed the whole event in less than a month! Meanwhile, My Fair Bride took care of making sure Indian bride Mohnia looked lovely as can be at every event! At the mehndi partyMy Fair Bride adorned our Maharani in the most exquisite mehndi (0:43) and made her look radiant with glowing makeup! Later, they gave her another spectacular look to go with her gorgeous lengha from Frontier Heritage (2:02)! See every incredible detail for yourself in Holly Cal Productions's video below!

Maharani Mohnia on meeting her Raja and how she knew he was "the one":

"Ankit and I met at college - California State University Fullerton. I was running late to my business writing class (per usual for me) and saw an empty seat next to him. We slowly became best friends, fell for each other two years later and the rest was history."

On the romantic proposal:

"I had known he would propose because we had seen a ring we liked on Black Friday in November 2015, but I didn't know when. He has booked us a Valentine's trip to San Diego and I was so excited but didn't expect him to propose because we had decided to get a different ring, so when he surprised me with hot air balloon ride for Valentine's Day I was not expecting anything! I was casually enjoying the ride, completely not catching him acting funny. Then while I was looking at the beautiful horizon of the Pacific ocean at sunset he told me I was the love of his life and he wanted to make me happy forever and got on one knee in a hot air balloon (he's super tall, 6'3) and asked me to be his wife! I cried."

On her wedding style:

"I had never thought much of my wedding while I was a little girl. I'm Punjabi and knew I wanted all the fun events but that's about it.

I like understated colors such as light pink, cream, white, gold, glass etc.; the wedding day itself was a personification of my style. Classy, elegant, understated, detailed, relaxed, beautiful. It was an absolute dream come true. I researched various Indian wedding accounts on Instagram and sent those pictures to my designer, Saadia of Kismet Events. I choose her because I identify with her work. She has done some other events for us so it was a no-brainier."

On her favorite part of planning:

"Well... my wedding was hectic! We were actually planning on doing our engagement party on Saturday April 23, 2016 (the now date of the reception). But events changed dramatically and quickly.

We decided on April 1, 2016 that we wanted to get married then, instead of the original plan to get married in 2017. My dad was the true hero since he went into hyperdrive mode to give me the best week of my life.

Within 20 days we had all the events planned: mehndi, sangeet, wedding and reception. We booked (with God's' blessing) everything we wanted. The Santiago mansion was everything I never knew I wanted and we feel in love with the grand space, the canyon view, the privacy and comfort. It was breathtaking, really.

My favorite part of the wedding was truly the way everything came together so perfectly despite the mere 3 weeks we had, almost as if we had Waheguru Ji's invisible hand guiding us in literally every move.

From my husband's family getting here from Calcutta, to finding the venues, booking the caterers, performers, deciding on clothes, getting time off work... everything came together. It still blows my mind and I'm forever grateful for the presence of God (and my dad) in my marriage activities and planning."

On choosing her bridal outfits:

"I knew I wanted to wear light pink and emeralds but that was about it. I loved Sabyachahi and Tarun Tahilanni but I didn't have time for that.

So I went to Little India - Artesia, CA. What's funny is my husband really wanted me to wear red with the traditional bride look, but I'm anything but traditional. I had always been my own independent person, but now, wanting to make someone I love happy on our special day, I tried to choose the traditional color and styles of lenghas. But oddly, nothing worked out. After a week of trying on numerous pieces and going to every store on Pioneer Blvd, my family and I went to Frontier - the old faithful for my family - and I found the one after trying on just 2 pieces. Aunty Ji at Frontier is an old friend of the family and knew what I would like. She cleared her book and gave me a personal consultation throughout the store. I knew I wanted light pink, net and emeralds. I found just that.

For the rest of my outfits Dreams Collection was a lifesaver. Sahkshi Aunty (owner of D.C) is a old friend of my mother-in-law. She went above and beyond for me and found me perfect outfits for all of my events as well my other purchases being sent from my family to my in-laws. From a mehndi colored lengha (which I really wanted but was hard to find) to a fun Punjabi shara and more, she ordered outfits from India and for me and my bridal party, and had it all delivered in less than 2 weeks. Superb service."

On the most magical moments of the wedding:

"I have a couple. One was during sangeet night; we played a game against the two families and it was so much fun. Each side sang a song and got rated and it was the first time during the events where I wasn't nervous and was having the time of my life with my family and my new family.

The second was on my wedding day when I was walking down to the mandap with my dad, in the most beautiful setting with so many family and friends, and I saw Ankit sitting, waiting for me. It hit me that I really am spending forever with this man. Although I think he was told not to, he turned to look at me and in that moment time stood still and my nerves settled and I married the guy of my dreams with the wedding of my dreams shortly after."

On the first dance:

"We danced during the sangeet to 'Tujh Mein Rab Dikhta Hai' from Rab Ne Banai Jodi as both of had identified with this song in our relationship as it was one of the first Bollywood movies we watched together on Netflix while in college.

For our first dance as husband and wife we danced to Alicia Key's soulful masterpiece "If I Ain't Got You" since it's the song we always blast in the car and sing at the top of our lungs when we bask in the warmth of our love. Cheesy but it's true! ;p Both of those songs mean so much to me, they were no-brainers."

On her hair and makeup:

"Farah of My Fair Bride was in my mind as she did my friend's wedding along with others I've seen. Luckily enough (I'm telling you, there was so much luck) she lived a mile from me! She was amazing; I cannot recommend her enough. She worked with me on every look. I love makeup and I wanted to look different for every event. I was also having two ceremonies, one Sikh and one Hindu so I hired her to stay during my wedding day and change me up for the second ceremony as well. Both looks were perfection, first a glittery cut crease and then a dramatic emerald eye to match my second ceremony's change in dupatta. I've worked with her ever since for all my other events. I cannot recommend her enough especially for a wedding. She has a calming presence that every bridal party could use more of and she's flexible as well as talented."

On how her family contributed:

"Our siblings and cousins came together like no other. My favorite part was the skit that my cousin, Salina, and my husband's cousin, Rahul, performed for everyone during the sangeet displaying the events leading up to our engagement. They planned the music, the dialogue and the skits with the help of my sister Salonia and brother-in-law Kunal. It was so personalized, special and different.

Within the 3 weeks we had, my husband's family from Calcutta also went absolutely above and beyond and did so much for us. They were all on What's App all day every day deciding on various things we would need. We had 500 custom silver coins made with our names and wedding date as gifts along with beautiful hand-crafted gifts bags, clothes, jewelry and more. They had 12 extra bags that they brought from Calcutta just for us! It was mindblowing, the unparalleled love they displayed. I will never forget it."

On how her vendors made her day special:

"Everyone we had was great. It really fell into place.

Kismet Events did design, flowers and planning.

Rinku of Delhi Palace did catering (the food was extraordinary but too bad the bride never eats! Haha.)

Santiago Mansion was a unique and breathtaking venue!

The cake was from a local bakery I frequent called Dolce Bistro and Bakery; it was so pretty!

I want to thank all the vendors and most importantly my family. From my dad to my cousins to my in-laws, EVERYONE pitched in so much time and effort for our special day. We'll never forget it."

Have an amazing day, Maharanis! We'll return tomorrow with another glorious wedding!

Floral & Decor: Kismet Event Design | Bridal Fashions: Frontier Heritage | Planning & Design: Kismet Event Design | Hair & Makeup: My Fair Bride | Mehndi Artists: My Fair Bride | Transportation: American Parking & Limousine Services | Cinematography: Holly Cal Productions | Venue: Royal Banquet Hall | Cake Provider: Dolce Bistro & Bakery | Bridal Fashions: Dreams Collections | Catering: Delhi Palace | Venue (Ceremony): Santiago Vineyard Mansion