Hello, Maharanis! We're here with Nikita and William's Indian fusion wedding! Our lovely couple tied the knot on Halloween, but their wedding was far from scary -- it was filled with tender moments and delightful performances, which Robles Video Productions fabulously captured in their wedding film. Planned and designed by A Day to Cherish, the festivities began with a Catholic ceremony at St. Francis Xavier Parish, where our Indian bride Nikita wore an elegant white wedding gown and looked stunning with her hair and makeup by Pooja Mehta from Makiaj. After the vows (5:21) and the first kiss (6:32), it was on to the reception! Held at the Arizona Grand Resort & Spa, the reception featured DJ Adhi's high energy music and classy florals by Avant-Garde Studio. We loved all the fun performances (starting at 7:48) and the closing speech (10:40) was so heartwarming it lingered with us after the video ended! See all the wonderful moments in the video below!:

Maharani Nikita on her thrilling proposal:

"Our proposal story was certainly one for the books. Will woke me up early one Saturday morning and told me to wear comfy clothes, we were going somewhere. I had remembered having a discussion a while back about him wanting to go sky diving, and I knew there was no going back now. There were a lot of 'What if we die?' related conversations on the drive to the skydiving location, but once we got there and I saw a few jumps, I was excited to do it. Apparently everyone working at the venue had already known about Will's plans to propose to me because he had been coordinating and planning it out for a while. We got strapped into our gear, had a quick safety briefing and then, before we knew it, it was our turn to jump. We piled into a small Cessna aircraft with our tandem jumpers and off we went. I watched my altitude monitor climb to 15,000 feet, and my anxiety was increasing with it. Will was the first to jump. With his legs dangling outside of the plane, he looked over, said I love you, and jumped. Before I could process any of this, my tandem jumper tapped me on the shoulder and it was my turn to jump. I think this was when reality hit me, that I was actually going to jump into nothingness, from a small plane, in hopes that a parachute would open up to save me. I smiled for the camera, and tipped out into the world below me. For the next few seconds, all I remember was screaming. However, the next 5 minutes was probably the best feeling I could ever experience. It was surreal and peaceful. I looked around at the land below me and took in all the beauty. Looking back on it now, I think my tandem jumper was trying to stall so that Will could land first and get everything ready down below. After I had landed, amidst all the people and parachutes flying everywhere, I saw Will walk up to me, get down on one knee and said, 'I love you so much. I'd like to share many more experiences like this with you for the rest of my life. Nikita Francis, will you marry me?' What a rush of emotions! I of course said yes, and the rest is history."

On her wedding style:

"We got married on October 31st, Halloween, which is my favorite holiday. Having it be a fall wedding, I knew I wanted a darker, rich, yet vibrant color palette. We ended up choosing marsala as our central color, especially since that was Pantone's color of the year, and added champagne and ivory accents to lighten up the palette."

On her favorite part of wedding planning:

"Everything that we planned, Will and I made sure we did it together. I knew this wedding wasn't just for me, but to celebrate the both of us, so I wanted it to be a team effort so that the final product was something that we both were happy with and loved."

On the most magical wedding moment:

"We got married in a Catholic church, and the most magical part about our wedding was walking down the aisle and seeing Will. We didn't have a first look before the wedding, so seeing him in his tux, waiting for me at the altar was just so surreal. The whole world had disappeared around me and all I could see was him. My dad had to tell me to walk slower because I was just rushing down the aisle. I was just so excited and so happy to be getting married to this man!"

On her wedding look:

"Pooja Mehta did my hair and makeup for the wedding, and she was amazing to work with! I knew I had wanted my hair half up/half down for the wedding ceremony, so that way I could fit my veil into my hair. For my makeup, I wanted something light and glowy, but still looked like me. For the reception, Pooja took my hair down and pinned the side, giving it a very old Hollywood look which I loved. She darkened my eyeshadow so that it would reflect a more glamorous, nighttime look."

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Cinematography: Robles Video Productions | Hair & Makeup: Makiaj Beauty | Venue (Ceremony): St. Francis Xavier Parish | Venue (Reception): Arizona Grand Resort & Spa | DJ & Lighting: DJ Adhi | Planning & Design: A Day to Cherish | Photography: Jane Z | Mehndi: Henna Shoppe | Florals: Avant-Garde Studio | Wedding Cake: Arizona Grand Resort & Spa