WalkOnWater Productions is going to blow you out of the water with today's fabulous fusion wedding film, which features two ceremonies, luxurious floral and decor and the most adorably beautiful couple ever. Meet Kimia and Neil, a picture perfect Persian bride and the Raja of her dreams. These two lovebirds tied the knot with a duo of breathtaking nuptials, each honoring their faiths and we couldn't be anymore head over heels for all the lavish decor details and fashionable feats on their big day! Ragini Patel of Weddings InStyle helped Maharani Kimia realize the Desi wedding she never knew she dreamed of with absolutely amazing decorative elements that were beyond beautiful. The bridal fashion experts from the famed Image Boutique Shop helped the blushing bride create her ideal wedding lengha, which we were just over the moon for! Kimia also rocked a captivating white wedding gown and we cannot wait to see her and Neil's portraits and highlights as captured by their photographer, R.A.G.artistry too! For now, we're delighted to watch their wedding film on loop! It's that magical.

Maharani Kimia, on how she met the Raja of her dreams, Neil:

"Neil and my cousin were friends from medical school. What I love about our story is that she wasn't trying to set us up, so I know that when he started talking to me it wasn't just to be polite to his friend. I went with her to a party at Neil's apartment and we spoke briefly that evening, but it wasn't until 6 months later that he reached out to me for a date. I was so oblivious that I didn't even think we were going on a date, I thought I was just meeting up with my cousin's friend!"

On Raja Neil's memorable proposal:

"Neil proposed to me on the top of the helipad at the W Downtown Hotel in Atlanta, and I was completely shocked! He had told me he was working the whole weekend so I definitely did not expect to be getting engaged. We even had lunch together that day and I remember thinking later how normal and calm he had seemed at lunch, like it was any other regular day! Everyone was obviously in on this except me, he had one of our best friends ask me to get our nails done together that morning and played it off like she was testing colors for her own wedding which was only a couple weeks away at that point. He had his sister and another of our best friends ask me to go to the W "rooftop" bar together as a girl's thing since he was "working". I truly did not think anything of it until we got to the hotel and took a special elevator and climbed the helipad stairs to what seemed incredibly unsafe for a public rooftop bar. It was the most incredible view of Atlanta above the clouds and an absolutely amazing surprise! To add to it, my parents, Neil's parents, and all of my cousins who are the most important people to me as Neil knows, were waiting back at my apartment to congratulate us!"

On planning her Desi dream wedding:

"I am Persian and my husband is Indian, so for me the most amazing part of the planning process was being brought into the Indian wedding world. I found out that it is truly a one of a kind experience. I loved becoming more familiar with the different aspects of the culture that related to weddings, seeing all the beautiful colors and getting to blend our two cultures that are very similar, yet still so unique, together. I was amazed by how many resources were available to me in planning my wedding and the professionalism of all my vendors."

On creating her ideal wedding lengha:

"The truth is my mom spent hours on the internet first, and then we searched together. I wanted to wear something different! My mother in law was gracious enough to allow me to pick every aspect of my outfit, so I wanted to create a unique piece that wasn't red or with any floral patterns. I worked with Surinder Bedi from Image Boutique Shop to custom design my perfect lengha, and I couldn't have been happier with the outcome. The blouse is a long sleeve gold sheer/beaded combination that was my favorite thing I have ever worn!"

On her most memorable wedding moment:

"When the doors to the ballroom opened and we danced our way in, I couldn't believe how truly incredible the space looked. We had picked everything out and of course I knew what to expect, but to see 420 of our most loved ones inside this beautiful room just for us, was really something else. Of course we owe it all to our amazing decorator, Ragini Patel, with Weddings in Style!"

On her and Raja Neil's first dance and reception:

"The whole theme of our wedding was to be upbeat and fun, so we chose to choreograph a Bollywood dance to the song Dili Wali Girlfriend, and have a dhol play along as we danced. Neil is incredibly shy, so he fought me hard on not doing this dance, but admits now it was one of his favorite parts of the whole evening because our friends and family were so shocked and excited! That was the only part of our wedding that was a surprise to even our families, so we had an absolute blast starting the night that way. It set the mood for the whole night, and we didn't leave the dance floor for the next 6 hours!"

Meet me back here tomorrow for another splendid wedding film that's sure to delight!

Floral & Decor: Weddings InStyle | Photography: R.A.G.Artistry | Cinematography: WalkOnWater Productions | Bridal Fashion: Image Boutique Shop