Welcome back, Maharanis! We are back in the imposing and exclusive Hotel Fateh Garh Udaipur to join Chiraag & Anchal on their wedding ceremony. If you were impressed by the sangeet celebration, this wedding ceremony is going to take your breath away! When Chiraag & Anchal decided they wanted to tie the knot in India, they knew how impressive and majestic India can be, so they wanted their wedding to be extraordinary to keep up with the beauty and radiance that India has to offer! A vision this big requires a lot more time and planning, that is why our lovebirds decided to bring Ankit Bhargava on board, as the expertise they have in taking wedding celebrations to the next level, is out of the question. However, this dreamy wedding ceremony could not have been complete, without the incredible work of Regal Weddings, as the decor that was put together helped make this event not just traditional, but elegant, and it was the perfect complement to set the mood for this solemn and memorable event. And if you were thinking this atmosphere was already perfect on its own, wait until you see how the imposing presence of our lovebirds creates an incredible scene, that it seems to be taken out of a fairy tale. Chiraag looked breathtaking as she was carried down the petal-covered aisle in her beautiful ruby lengha with golden accents that was overflowing with elegance. And what about Anchal's entrance on top of an Elephant! Simply amazing! And thanks to the remarkable talent of Jayesh Photography, we get to immerse ourselves into this beautiful ceremony just as if we were there. We know curiosity has you know, and that you want to see more about this wedding, so you are going to be thrilled to know that you have been invited to join Chiraag & Anchal on their upcoming reception party! So, get yourself ready to join us at the wedding reception, but before heading to it lets take a moment to appreciate the beauty and elegance of the invite you just received. There is no denying the talented team of Turmeric Ink, managed to surprise us again with a unique and elegant design that matches the grandiosity of this event! So, grab your invite and head to the gallery that we have prepared for you today, and once you are ready, join us at the reception party. We will be waiting for you! 

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We will be waiting for you at the upcoming reception party. Get ready to have some fun! 

Invitations & Wedding Stationery: Turmeric Ink | Ceremony & Reception Venue: Hotel Fateh Garh Udaipu | Planning & Design: Ankit Bhargava | Planning & Design: Regal Weddings | Bridal Jewelry: Gayatri Jewellers | Groom's Outfit: Kora | Photography: Jayesh Photography