Hello, darlings! Dive into the enchanting tale of Shivani & Shyon's wedding at the splendid JW Marriott Miami Turnberry Resort & Spa, a place of unmatched tropical splendor, impeccable hospitality, and flawless execution. Diego Stuart Films exquisitely captured the magic of their union. Their work stood out with a cinematic grace that immortalized every tender glance and joyful dance, vividly bringing the day's emotions to life. Eventrics Indian Weddings & Events orchestrated this magnificent affair, weaving the threads of elegance and sophistication into the planning and design, from the lush floral arrangements by Petal Productions to the elegant decor that mirrored the couple's dream. Shivani adorned her hands with the exquisite designs of Illusion Mehndi, whose artists crafted intricate patterns that spoke of love's delicate and complex patterns, adding an authentic touch to her bridal beauty. Dive into the video and enjoy every moment. You'll love it!

Let this beautiful celebration inspire your celebrations of love, filled with joy and splendor.

Planning & Design: Eventrics Weddings | Venues: JW Marriott Miami Turnberry Resort & Spa | Cinematography: Diego Stuart Films | Mehndi Artists: Illusion Mehndi | Floral & Decor: Petal Productions | Hair & Makeup: Marz Makeup & Hair | Catering: Madras Cafe FL | DJs / Baraat / Lighting: DJ Rang | Event Designer: Petal Productions | Live Music: Noire Productions | Cigar experience: The Mobile Cigar Lounge | Photographer: Sugarfree Studio