Imagine being wed in a place that wows – from city skylines that kiss the heavens to balmy beaches where time seems to stand still. Enter the world of Weddings by Loews Hotels.

Welcoming you like family, the heart of Loews Hotels beats with an unmatched passion to make your big day the magnum opus of celebrations. The very essence of a South Asian wedding – its vibrant colors, the sanctity of rituals, and the joyous chorus of laughter and blessings - finds a home here. Their team of wedding professionals, fueled by dedication and a touch of romance, thrives on bringing to life the very celebration you've dreamt of. They'll walk beside you from when you share your first vision to the morning after when you're reminiscing over a post-wedding brunch with dear ones.

But that's not all. Have you ever heard of the Couples Concierge? Exclusive to Loews Hotels and designed just for you, they are dedicated wedding coordinators ensuring that every beat of your celebration harmonizes into a beautiful symphony. Whether diving into the intricacies of wedding planning, reliving memories from a cherished anniversary, or even taking a fond trip down memory lane, the Couples Concierge stands by you, ensuring every moment forged has the Loews signature touch.

Their Platinum Guide Properties, adorned with the Maharani Weddings Platinum Member Badge, are a testament to their dedication and expertise in crafting celebrations, especially South Asian weddings. With comprehensive training under the aegis of Maharani Weddings, peace of mind is a given. Your monumental moments are in the hands of those who have mastered the art of creating perfection.

Loews Hotels brings the best vendors to adorn your festivities. They listen, pay attention, and ensure that the only stories you tell of your wedding are those of wonder. Embracing each family's uniqueness, service, culinary expertise, and local insights fuse to craft a celebration that remains etched in hearts forever. Dive into this journey, and let Loews Hotels help you narrate a love story that resonates through time.

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