Loves, allow us to immerse you in the majestic allure of the Hyatt Regency Princeton, where the union of Priya & Kishan unfolded like a timeless sonnet—from the ballroom's awe-inspiring grandeur to the scenic surroundings' intimate charm, harmonized to craft a setting where romance, elegance, and unutterable joy danced freely. Every detail of this union, meticulously orchestrated by Wedding Elegance NYC, was a symphony of colors, emotions, and memorable melodies. Their expertise transformed ordinary moments into extraordinary memories. With hands as skillful as those of celestial beings, Nirali Decor weaved a tapestry of floral elegance. Priya glimmered with the heavenly glow of Color Me RougeMoghul Catering crafted delicacies that were a feast for the senses. Transportation, a crucial note in the melodic narrative of this day, was composed with the luxurious grace of Monaco Experiences, ensuring that each moment flowed seamlessly into the next. As if in a dance, Shilpa Entertainment orchestrated the music that graced the ears of every guest, creating an atmosphere where every heartbeat echoed the rhythms of joy, love, and eternal unity. In this dance of destinies, Lightyear Studio, with lenses as discerning as the eyes of time, captured fleeting yet endless moments, weaving a visual narrative that will be cherished for lifetimes. Enjoy the gallery!

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DJ: Shilpa Entertainment | Planning & Design: Wedding Elegance NYC | Venues: Hyatt Regency Princeton | Baraat: Monaco Experiences | Cinematography: Lightyear Studio | Cinematography: Lightyear Studio | Sangeet Venue: Rasoi 3 | Floral & Decor: Nirali Decor | Hair & Makeup: Color Me Rouge | Catering: Moghul Catering