Hello, sweeties! Are you ready for a new feature? There is no better way to get to the weekend than with Shabina & Sameer's engagement photo session! Today, more than ever, love is in the air with this romantic and delightful outdoor photoshoot hosted in Asheville, North Carolina. It was the perfect place to portray the love of this beautiful young couple just before taking that big step that would eventually make them become husband and wife in a Modern Ismaili Muslim Wedding in Atlanta, Georgia. This time, the Biltmore Estate witnessed this couple's engagement and was filled with the love that Shabina & Sameer irradiated. They were looking for a professional photography service to capture this incredible event. Someone committed to providing them with the highest quality service possible. Coming from a family tradition dating back three generations, Hakim's Studio understood what they wanted and delivered it without problems. We can appreciate and feel their love through every shot. Check out every snap of this lovely and elegant session in our gallery! We hope these images will transport you back to that moment. You will feel part of this love story!

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photo #365158
photo #365147
photo #365164
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Today's magic is over, darlings, but you can be updated with us daily for more stories like this! 

Photography: Hakim's Studio | Engagement Venue: Biltmore