Happy Monday, Maharanis! There is no better way to start this new month than enjoying a unique love story! Today, we will take you through Noorain & Asfand's engagement photoshoot, and believe us, you will be enchanted as the love that this young and beautiful couple radiates is contagious and will sweeten up your day. It is impressive how through each of these photographs captured by Hakim's Studio, we can feel the same emotions these lovebirds were feeling at that moment. Our beautiful Noorain stealthily approached her future husband, donning a traditional attire that made her look like a princess! And as soon as Asfand saw her, he was amazed by the beauty of his future wife. This created a romantic and charming scene that still has us sighing. After the initial impression, our lovebirds decided to take advantage of the natural background and the distinctive architecture of the Bahá'í House of Worship to perpetuate this life milestone's most intimate and romantic moments. If you want to see more of this photo session, you can't miss today's full gallery!

photo #324227
photo #324224
photo #324220
photo #324230
photo #324528
photo #324223
photo #324225
photo #324231
photo #324229
photo #324226
photo #324527

What a great way to start this new week! Remember to join us tomorrow for more.

Photography: Hakim's Studio