Raise your hand if black tie parties make you swooooon. (ME, ME, ME!) Well, black tie is officially back in 2021, and nothing sounds more like music to my ears. What every Indian wedding can always use is a little bit more bling, and just when you thought you had every moment of your wedding filled with glitz and glam, Shanklin BowTies will put the most fabulous finishing touch on your groom and his bridal party.

Bow ties are a timeless way to add to your look, and with Shanklin’s 24-kt gold plated classic bow ties, your groom will be looking dapper long after the wedding. Yes, they are 24-kt gold! Each artisan bow tie is a one of a kind, handcrafted, wearable piece of art. Just like heirloom jewelry, a Shanklin BowTie will be cherished for generations. In case you thought it couldn’t get any better, Shanklin BowTies are luxuriously created in the USA with the finest material and are customizable to compliment your wedding colors or give a nod to your alma mater.  Shanklin BowTies are also available in 18kt Rose Gold and Rhodium.

So why should brides have all the fun? Whether your groom and his groomsmen are looking for that WOW factor or a romantic finishing touch, Shanklin BowTies are the one gift that will last forever!

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Men's Formalwear & Tuxedos: Shanklin Bow Ties