Ladies, any time now, you might be surprised by your beloved one popping the big question! Or maybe the life-changing question was already asked, and you're just waiting for your wedding day to arrive! Either way, it's never too early to start taking the necessary steps to ensure you're on the right track when it comes to self-care before your special day! And what better way to do it than taking advice from a highly talented and experienced team, like the one from M-Sutra Bride!

As leading experts in the beauty industry, M-Sutra Bride always wants their clients to radiate confidence with or without makeup, regardless of their age or skin texture! Today, they have shared a few recommendations on skincare and beauty tips for every age that you don't want to miss, so let's check them out!

Start a daily Skincare Regimen!

Start your skincare regimen at least 4-6 months before your wedding day for maximum results. Based on their experience, M-Sutra Bride has discovered that many brides don't have a daily skincare routine, and most of them do not know or understand their skin-type. So, they have created this complete Bridal Beauty Skin Care Routine to help you get started.

When should I book a facial?

M-Sutra Bride recommends brides to get a facial or two done before the wedding as it can really enhance the skin and help bring that glow back. Some great facials to consider would be a hydrating facial with hyaluronic acid as well as vitamins A, C, E, such as the 24-carrot gold facial, or a Microdermabrasion for smoothing rough skin or the ever-popular hydra facials for addressing many needs at once. 

Why choose airbrush foundation?

You will love airbrush makeup application because it feels weightless on the skin! Once settled, the benefits of having it are flawless complexion, especially for those with acne or discolorations, lightweight and transfer-resistant once dried, sweatproof, so you can dance in the Summer Sun or at your reception party with ease! Besides, it has up to 16-hours of wear.

Looking to cover dark circles?

Get proper sleep every day and hydrate by drinking plenty of water. Next, make sure to add a good eye cream to your skincare routine with Vitamin C. On the day of an event, you can start with a peach to orange base color corrector depending on how deep your skin is. After, you can apply a hydrating yellow-based concealer to highlight and cancel out any redness & blend. Once done, set with a loose setting powder to lock in the color and have less creasing.

What to pack for your wedding day?

It's always a great idea to pack a small bag with essentials. M-Sutra Bride recommends a sample perfume vile, mini deodorant, some mints, travel wipes, oil blotting paper, a mascara, tissue, a pen, extra safety, and bobby pins, a band-aid, some allergy meds, and a travel setting mist to hydrate and refresh your skin if needed.

With these helpful and tips, you'll praise your innate beauty and will be more than ready to look drop-dead gorgeous. So, when the big day arrives, you simply need to relax, take a deep breath and know that this is your day to shine and be confident, and be prepared for the beautiful day ahead!

Hair & Makeup: M-Sutra Bride