Good morning, darlings! Can you believe how fast this week slipped through our fingers? It seems like we went from Monday to Friday in just the blink of an eye! And you know that we always have something special for you to start getting ready for the weekend, and today is no exception! This time around, we are excited to share with you all the beauty and intimacy that surrounded Sheetal & Varun's wedding celebration. Initially, these lovebirds planned to get married in the paradisiacal landscapes of Mexico, in a big wedding bash with over 300 guests. However, due to the emergence of COVID-19, plans had to change. Sheetal & Varun decided to keep the same wedding date they initially had, and instead of having a huge celebration, they had a small and intimate pooja in Sheetal's backyard. To comply with the safety measurements regarding social distancing, only 10 people attended the wedding. Still, over 400 people were celebrating along with the newlyweds as the wedding streamed via Zoom. All guests and online viewers enjoyed every single moment of the celebration and were utterly amazed by the ravishing look of our gorgeous Maharani. She wore the same wedding lengha her mother used for her wedding, and if that doesn't say tradition and love, few things will! The cherry on top of this gorgeous bridal look was the artistic Mehndi outlined by Henna For All, which added an extra touch of flair to an already swoon-worthy look! We know that planning a wedding is not easy, let alone plan a wedding ceremony under the current circumstances! So we want to make a big shoutout to Stylish Events for the perfect planning, decor, and execution of this intimate wedding affair. The attention to detail they had was outstanding, resulting in a dreamy celebration that exceeded all of Sheetal & Varun's expectations. Check more of this lovely celebration by taking a look at the fabulous shots captured by A.S. Nagpal Photography in today's marvelous gallery! It is the perfect preamble for you to get ready for a weekend full of love and inspiring ideas!

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Share the scoop on your Proposal Story!
Vinnie calls me early Saturday morning on July 13, 2020 asking if I wanted to go to Fire Island with his family for lunch. I said sure, so he said okay I will be at your house at noon be ready. Of course he shows up and as usual I am still in PJ's watching Food Network, and he is yelling we are going to miss the Ferry! I said why are we going so early, and all the way to Fire Island for just lunch. Vinnie says his family wants to see Fire Island, and mentions since we love Fire Island, why not meet them and show them around. So I got ready, and we were on our way to meet them. ( Of course, I took forever curling my hair and made us miss the 12 o'clock ferry he had planned with everyone)

We get to the dock, and we continue to walk to the boat, and Vinnie says "Let's sit on the top, its so nice out" and I am no way ready to sit on the top of this boat after I just did my hair for the past hour, as he explains "who sits downstairs when its such a beautiful day!" So I finally agreed and we sit on the top of the ferry and we are now on our way to Ocean Beach. We are enjoying the breeze and all of a sudden the boat completely stops! I look over to Vinnie and say, I think there is a problem with the Ferry, its not moving! He looks at me and says calm down "I'm sure everything is fine", then I hear the anchor drop, and now I begin to PANIC!

I look over to Vinnie, and see him down on one knee, the captain on the loud speaker announcing our engagement and congratulating us! Everyone is screaming and clapping for us and WE ARE NOW ENGAGED !

We port at the dock, and are welcomed by photographers, and then walk over to meet our family for lunch. I couldn't be happier! But that wasn't even close to being over, Vinnie got over 100 of our closest family & friends to surprise ME his fiance for a FRIEND's themed Engagement Party! We continued to celebrate all day & night with everyone we loved surrounding us!

How did you select your bridal lengha or wedding dress? Did you have a favorite color in mind?
We planned to have all the big brands for our wedding ! Everything is still pending, but for our 5/15/20 quarantine wedding I was so lucky to wear my mom's wedding lehenga! It was amazing to see how beautiful it was after 35 years !

Do you have any words of wisdom for Brides-To-Be?
Though this time is very chaotic and stressful, and we cant have the dream weddings we planned when this process started. Sit back, and think to yourself, what would be your perfect memory with these circumstances, and then do everything in your power to make the vision come to light!

Anything else you want to tell us? We'd love to hear all about your other details! (jewelry, mehndi, venue, cake, bouquets, etc.)
I am so thankful to all my wonderful vendors, that went above and beyond for me during the Covid Lock down ! Mehndi in the garage, my photographer wore a mask for the entire ceremony and photo shoot, my decor company came to my house the day before, and morning of to avoid the chances of rain, everyone went above and beyond to make my day beautiful!

We hope you have an awesome weekend in the company of your loved ones. Stay safe, and don't forget to join us on Monday for more!

Photography: A.S. Nagpal Photography | Floral & Decor: Stylish Events | Planning & Design: Stylish Events | Mehndi Artist: Henna For All