Good morning, Maharanis! We hope you are staying safe and healthy. Currently, we are facing unprecedented times that have affected the global wedding industry, making tons of brides concerned about what is going to happen with their wedding celebration. Good news, love is not canceled, but your wedding celebration may just be postponed.  We are heartbroken for the brides who were so close to taking that walk down the aisle and due to the spread of COVID-19, plans have to wait a bit. While other brides had just announced their engagement and are now anxiously waiting to share the date of their big day with their family and closest friends.

If you are one of those Maharanis that is seeking help and tips on how to handle this unexpected change of plans, you've come to the right place! Our good friends from Minted Weddings have shared a couple of exciting ideas with us, and we loved them so much that we thought of sharing them with you. So, get your pen and notebooks to take some notes of these incredible tips and ideas!

Event Change Cards are a great way to keep your friends & family up to date on your wedding plans!

The awesome team at Minted Weddings just launched a new product offering to help couples send out official date change communications, and we absolutely loved this idea, but above all, their gorgeous designs. The best thing about this service is that you can take advantage of it even if you already sent out a date change email or text, as this will take your communication one step further. 

Here are some tips:

○ Keep the wording brief and to the point.
○ Choose a card design that matches the look and feel of the original invitation to keep all of your wedding stationery coordinated and cohesive.
○ Keep the wording upbeating, in light of all that is going on.

If you are rescheduling, but you don't have a new date yet:

○ "Due to unforeseen circumstances, we are changing our wedding date. New details to come soon."
○ "In light of current events, we are changing our date so we can celebrate safely. New details to come soon."
○ "In light of current events, we are postponing our wedding. New wedding date to come soon."
○ "We have decided to postpone our wedding to a future date. Please stay tuned for details."
○ "It's still happening! ...Just at a later date. New wedding date to come soon!"
○ "Social distancing just isn't our thing. New wedding date to come soon so we can party properly!"

If you are rescheduling and already have a new wedding date: 

○ "Please mark your calendars with our new wedding date! We can't wait to celebrate with you."
○ "Save our NEW date!"
○ "We changed our date and can't wait to celebrate!"
○ "Don't dust off your dancing shoes yet! Due to unforeseen circumstances, we are now getting married on [insert date]."

Remember, if you're changing your wedding date, it's important to let your guests know ASAP! So, make sure to call your family members and wedding-party members directly so they can update their calendars.

We hope the information above helps you coordinate all the necessary details to make your dream wedding celebration come to life. After all, anything is possible as long as you have the right allies by your side! And remember, love always prevails!

(Images by Minted Weddings)

We are always here to help and to share inspiring ideas with you all. Stay safe!