Hello, darlings! We are wrapping up Meeta & Aman's lovely story by taking a look at a romantic engagement party held at the Antun's by Minar. The halls of this luxurious venue became the perfect setting for these lovebirds to profess their commitment to an everlasting love story, in the company of their family and closest friends. This was a great night full of emotions and happiness, but the peak moment of the evening was reached when our lovebirds exchanged their big, beautiful, and sparkling engagement rings! This was a romantic life-changing moment that got beautifully captured by Ajit Video | Photo. And all we have to say is that we're happy beyond measure that these lovebirds have found each other because it is easy to tell that they are a perfect match and that they are going to have a beautiful and everlasting love story! If you can't get enough of this charming young couple, head into our gallery for more! We have a series of shots that are worth to be seen! 

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That is all for today, ladies! Take a moment to let all this charm to sink in, and join us tomorrow for a new lovely story

Engagement Venue: Antun's by Minar | Photography: Ajit Video | Photo