Hello, beautiful ladies! We are back with Kanak & Teja's engagement story! We are ending this journey in the same way we started it, with an elegant and romantic outdoor photoshoot. However, this photoshoot is slightly different from the initial one and just by taking a look at Kanak's left hand, you will notice something different. Did you see it already? Yes! We are talking about that big fat beautiful engagement ring! Definitely, Kanak is a lucky bride-to-be as that sparkling ring is a dream come true! And although this fantastic ring was already impressive on its own, it was the smile and happiness of these two lovebirds that stole the show! Each and every shot captured by the lens of Faith Kelsey Photo captured the most beautiful and intimate moments of this betrothed ones! And we cannot stress how much we love that they have found each other because we can tell that they are a perfect match and that they are going to have a beautiful and everlasting love story! If you cannot get enough of this charming young couple, head into our gallery for more! We have prepared a series of shots that are worth to be seen! 

photo #240599
photo #240610
photo #240585
photo #240580
photo #240594
photo #240582
photo #240588
photo #240590

We hope you have a great rest of the day! And, don't forget to join us tomorrow for more loving and inspiring stories!

Engagement Venue: Pier 66 Seattle WA | Photography: Faith Kelsey Photo