Undeniably, one of the best aspects of an Indian wedding is the opportunity to get dolled up. What I love the most about Indian weddings is the ability to showcase a plethora of colors and designs with your trousseau. And, as we all know, we Maharanis truly don't wear an Indian outfit more than a handful of times.

With the burst of social media and the ability to share your wear to virtually anyone in the world, I know I have personally tucked away many coveted lenghas, stunning and eloquent in design, for fear that I might recycle the same Indian outfit I have come to love. It's a love/hate relationship with Indian wedding clothes, Maharanis.

But, Borrowed Bollywood is here to let your imagination shine with zero commitment. Imagine wearing a fantastic designer piece from high-end designers at a cost that is affordable and kind to our zardozi covered wallets. And, then returning the outfit, delimiting closet space. Indian wedding trousseau is grand in design and only wearing a fabulous garment once should be absolutely illegal.

You can search online for that perfect color and cut and spend a little extra on your makeup and hair. Then, when the night is over and all those moments have become memories, you can return your outfit without having to worry about storage space, moths, and the fear of unveiling the design again. Fashionable designer wear is available to rent at great prices, for both bridesmaids, groomsmen, and brides! This service is absolutely perfect for a bride looking for designer wear for her smaller functions, and a bridesmaid looking for designer wear dresses for all wedding functions and the prewedding ceremonies!

Honestly, I think this is one of the biggest game changers for the Indian wedding industry and now here is your chance to be part of it all! I insist you search through the stock at Borrowed Bollywood; you will come out shining for every event. 

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Let's chat down below, what type of outfits do you love the most and would love to borrow for the night?

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