Today's featured Pakistani wedding celebrating Maham and Emad is a Maharani's dream come true! This incredible Pakistani wedding features an all-star vendor team, stunning bridal wear, and opulent décor. Truly what makes it a Maharani wedding! The series of events kicked off with the ceremony at Shalimar Banquets. Mehwish Khalid ensured this bride was dripping with pizazz. Most certainly ready for her first look, I can just tell the excitement was buzzing in the air! If there is one piece of advice I can give with the current Indian weddings trends is for brides to be selfish with their makeup artists! Ensuring your bridal team knows your vision is a dream come true for any bride and finding the perfect makeup artist is a challenge in itself. Coming up I have my favorite highlights of the various events and with Afrin Designs on the design forefront, get ready to start pinning! Maha Studios has all the precious moments in our gallery

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See you in a Maharani minute! 

Cakes & Treats: Susu's Dream – Cake & Bakery | Cinematography: Maha Studios | DJ: Ceremony: Desi Chill | DJ: Reception: Tamasha Entertainment | Hair and Makeup: Ceremony: Mehwish Khalid | Hair and Makeup: Reception: Bridal Makeup by NADIA TIKKI | Photographer: Maha Studios | Venue: Shalimar Banquets | Ceremony | Venue: Bristol Palace | Reception