One of the biggest joys of an Indian wedding is the flood of beautiful garments that are etched into the traditional ceremonies and events. Every Indian bride looks forward to finding that perfect lengha or sari to create her beauty look. Tena Durrani, a premier designer in the Indian wedding industry, has redefined the new classic. The results are dignified and timeless styles that are reimagined through voguish craftsmanship. Weddings are a unique celebration of your love and what a time to shine bright! Your Indian ceremony may be the most meaningful part of your big day, but the most fun? Getting to live all your special moments over and over again while shining like a true Maharani with your designer trousseau. I have handpicked some of my favorite bridal looks down below and our Instagram worthy gallery is flooded with all the fashion iconic wear your heart will swoon for. 

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What is your favorite look? Leave me a comment below so we can discuss! 

Bridal Fashions: Tena Durrani