There was just something that was so exhilarating with boarding a private catamaran in the Caribbeans and basking in the tropical ambiance. Swimming alongside these majestic creatures in their natural habitat was a surreal experience and one we won’t soon forget! We were whisked away on a private boat ride watching as the land behind us slowly disappeared. The stingrays showed a lot of attention to the featured guests of Engage!17 and roamed around us gently. Thanks to the support of my Engage Family, I even participated! Toes in the sand and the crystal clear waters only added to the eclectic vibe; as you can see from these photos, there was not a smile missing! We have a lot more fun images in our gallery, and if your future plans include Cayman, this is not an encounter to be missed!

photo #118579
photo #118584
photo #118573
photo #118575
photo #118576
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We head into another magical event designed by Engage!17. You won't want to miss the next feature under the sea coming right up! 

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