Always a personal favorite of mine, is the second evening of dine around dinners followed by the Dessert Party.  This year's party had everyone buzzing with excitement, as the theme was, "The Under the Sea Mermaid Dream Party." Some highlights of the event included decedent sea life inspired desserts, mermaids and merman floating around in the colorful pools and opulent lighting throughout the pool area at the Kimpton Seafire Resort. Celebrations Ltd. did an impeccable job spinning classic beach elements that were used in a natural and organic way with the custom decor structures and the mermaid cabana. The result was absolutely breathtaking! My hat is off to our dear friend, Rishi Patel, of HMR Designs, for bringing such a magical party to life.  We have many more whimsical images in our gallery, so swim over there and take a look!

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photo #118555
photo #118543
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We are coming right up with the magical gala and very special guests that left our jaws dropped! 

Audiovisual Production: INTEC Research Production Services | Cinematographer: Cloud Nine Omnimedia | Creative Direction: Gifts for the Good Life | Custom Carpeting: Alma USA LLC | Entertainment: Elan Artists | Event Branding: Gifts for the Good Life | Event Accessories: Gifts for the Good Life | Event Decor | Artistic Direction: HMR Designs | Event Website: TPD Design House | Floral: DV Flora | Graphic Designer: Trisha Hay Design | Lighting: INTEC Research Production Services | Linens: Nuage Designs Inc. | Show Director: Trisha Hay Design | Photographer: Carla Ten Eyck | Photographer: John Cain Photography | Photographer: Laura Dee Photography | Photographer: Love Life Images Inc. | Photographer: Paul Morse Photography | Photography: Rebecca Davidson Photography | Production: Engaging Concepts | Tents: Raj Tents | Sound: INTEC Research Production Services | Staging: INTEC Research Production Services | Venue: Kimpton Seafire | Production Team: Celebrations Ltd.