We are headed to the capital of Silicon Valley for Abe and Vaishali's Indian wedding celebration in San Jose, California! Janet Love Photography is kicking things off with the festive sangeet party at the Shannon Community Center. Per pre-wedding tradition, this bash is all about color! Vibrant gold and fuchsia fabric drape the stage, and charming decor is placed on every table, giving the sangeet a true Designer's Touch. The table height is low—ideal for the intimate cushion-styled seating. Stylishly dressed for the occasion is our Maharani looking delightful in a beautiful sari by the wildly popular Sari Palace! She is joined by her handsome groom-to-be looking wonderful in a dark suit and tie. We've got tons more to uncover from this D. Royal Engagementsplanned event, so in the meantime, check out the gallery to see more of the pre-wedding decor!

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From the bride, on the proposal:

"Abe and I had just opened a law office together about a month before he proposed. The week of the proposal, we had a stressful filing due but were all finished with it by Thursday. Naturally we were both exhausted by the time Friday rolled around. I didn't think much of it when Abe said to me on Friday morning that he wanted to take the day off and have a spontaneous fun day. I figured he wanted a fun end to the stressful week. We went to brunch and then a winery in Livermore-- it was one of the wineries we went to on a date early in our relationship. Not surprisingly, the winery was pretty much empty on a Friday afternoon! We sat outside and Abe had saved a bunch of pictures on his phone from throughout our relationship. I still didn't think much of it as he scrolled through the pictures and we reminisced about our relationship. I guess I just thought he was being sentimental! The funny thing is, I have a pet peeve when we are on dates or having quality time and Abe checks his phone too much. So I saw that he kept adjusting his pocket and I blurted out "jeez if you want to check your phone so badly just check it!" I can admit now that I was WAY wrong-- he kept checking to make sure the ring hadn't fallen out! Whoops! After we look at the pictures, Abe asked me to take a walk with him in the vineyards. Now, anyone who knows me knows that I get worried about breaking the rules. So all I kept thinking was we were going to get in trouble for walking through the vineyards. As I kept looking over my shoulder to make sure security wasn't running after us, Abe was planning his next move! It turns out the distraction of not wanting to get in trouble was the perfect way to keep me unaware of Abe's nerves and plans! Once we made it through the vineyards, Abe suggested we take a selfie. We took one and of course my future hubby knew that I would immediately want to see the selfie to make sure I liked how I looked. When we were reviewing the picture, Abe said he thought something was wrong with the picture and something was missing. Then he said he had an idea of what might be missing and he pulled out the ring! From what I'm told, the things he said next were very sweet and at some point he asked me to be his wife, but I'll be honest I was in a daze as soon as I realized what was happening and I don't remember what he even said!"

See the bride getting ready for her big day, next!

DJ: DJ Tanveer | Photography: Janet Love Photography | Sangeet Venue: Shannon Community Center | Ceremony / Reception Venue: Dolce Hayes Mansion | Cinematography: Life in Digital | Floral & Decor / Lighting: Designer's Touch | Cakes & Treats: Jen's Cakes | Catering: Turmeric | DJs & Entertainment: Busta Groove | Hair & Makeup: Lilly's Beauty World | Mehndi Artists: Keyuri's | Indian Sweets: Lovely Sweets | Cake Flowers: Enchantment Floral