Sit back and relax because we've got an amazing Indian fusion wedding pictorial by MaxPhoto NY coming your way from the East Coast! In preparation of the big day, here's a look at Maharani Amanda getting all gussied up by hair and makeup artist extraordinaire tEna New York! Our bride-to-be is exquisite with a dramatic updo, and gold shimmering eye shadows, topped off with a matte ruby lip! Brushing on lip color is the way to go when you're aiming for a lip stain type of finish! And can we just take a moment and talk about the bling factor here?! From the hairline hugger tikka to the ruby necklace, every piece of jewelry is sublime! Don't go anywhere because we've got so much more to share, including a Platinum Celebrations Inc.planned ceremony where House of Dipali does the decorating! While you eagerly await, head over to the gallery to see the first look photo shoot of our sweet couple!

indian bride getting ready,indian bridal hair and makeup
indian bride getting ready,indian bridal hair and makeup
indian bride getting ready,indian bridal hair and makeup
indian bride getting ready,indian bridal hair and makeup
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indian bride getting ready,indian bridal hair and makeup
indian bride getting ready
indian bride getting ready,indian bridal hair and makeup
indian bride getting ready,indian bridal hair and makeup

From the bride, on how they met:

"I met Ned three times over the course of three years. Each time I refused to give him the time of day. The first time, a friend of mine mentioned him after I had just gotten out of a something and didn't want to be near men. I said I wasn't interested and left it at that. Later on that night "Ned" showed up at the same bar and I flat out told him that I wasn't interested and maybe the girl in the corner was. What a delightful first meeting. I agreed to add him on facebook later on that night so he knew we made it safely home as I was the designated driver. He somehow made it out with my number as well, I'm pretty sure one of my friends did that. Fast forward another year, it was my best friends birthday and she mentioned her cousin "Ned" was coming out. I still didn't put two and two together. Later on that night, she ended up getting a bit intoxicated so I grabbed her phone and called the most recent number in her phone, and as destiny would have it; it was Ned. I asked where he was and told him I needed to drop his cousin off. I made it to the location he was at and to my surprise, it was Ned. The one I met the year before. I told him to take his cousin because I had to be at another party and left. Fast forward another year, and a mature Amanda is born. It was yet again my best friends birthday and of course, Ned was there. This time I took a better approach and spoke to him in a civil way. Yes, I did receive a little push back because of our previous meetings, but that was expected:) We went on our first date on February 13 (because Valentines Day was a no no). I remember him picking me up and it was snowing, it just felt right. We had a great dinner with lots of laughs, a little nerves, and lots of wine. I remember sitting in his car while he drove me home feeling complete for the first time in my life. I had never felt so comfortable with someone in my life. I felt like I've known him forever and in our opinion, this isn't and will not be our last lives together."

On the proposal:

"I was on a flight with my mom back from Canada after visiting my family. The day was a typical day commuting home and then I entered my room. There was a sloth teddy bear sitting on my bed with a box and a card. I opened the card and it read "this gift represents the first time we met, you wouldn't give me the time of day". I opened the box and was delighted to see a Charriol watch. I was stunned and had a feeling that this was going to be the week. Two days later, i came home from work the yet another box on my bed and of course, Mr. Sloth holding the card. This one said, "this gift represents the second time we met, you gave me something to carry (his cousin)". I opened the box and it was a Celine Bag. I think I screamed so loud my entire neighborhood heard me. Finally, Friday was here. I knew it was going to be the day. I went to his house after work and thought i would be getting ready for dinner. Ned then told me (verbatim from "How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days-my favorite movie) "i did something kind of wacky today, I used photo-shop to composite our faces together to see what our kids would look like". I opened the album and saw a hysterical picture of our faces on two Albanian kids. I then turned the page to "You are my Fiancee!". I looked to my right and there was Ned with a ring, and he asked...Will You Marry Me?"

On hair and makeup:

"Tena New York did a phenomenal job with my hair and makeup. From the engagement pictures to the reception, she knew exactly what I wanted and made it happen (even when I had no idea what to do). During the wedding planning, I found a few looks that I liked; Tena and I then created a board to come up with the perfect look. For the Hindu wedding, I wanted to go with a royal look so we opted for gold & red. I love big hair so Tena managed to give me the perfect up-do to go with my insanely heavy Dupatta. For the Albanian wedding, I wanted to go with a subtle up-do because I had a beautiful headpiece. For makeup, I wanted an elegant yet vibrant smokey eye- Tena managed to make everything happen. Later on that night, Tena made it to our reception to transform my hair into a 1950's glamour look with loose waves. I'd say overall, I choose the perfect hair and makeup artist. I'm still in love with every look until this day!"

The ceremony shots are up next!

Floral & Decor: House of Dipali | Photography: MaxPhoto NY | Hair & Makeup: tEna New York | Planning & Design: Platinum Celebrations Inc. | Cakes & Treats: Cakes by Stefania | Venues: Crest Hollow Country Club | Cinematography: MaxPhoto NY | Hindu Ceremony Venue: Woodbury Country Club | Horse: Sweet Hills Riding Center | Baraat / Entertainment: Booodoosingh Tassa Group | Catering: Nanking | Reception Venue: Crest Hollow Country Club | Reception Decor: June Florist | Band: Grupi Muzikor Melodia | DJ: DJ Rah Rah - Team Magnum | Limousine Service: Reliance Group | TV/Sound System: New York Event Productions | Lighting: Maximum Sound and Lighting