Well, hello my darlings! So, let me ask you an old but important question: Do you believe in love at first sight? Yes, no, maybe? Well, for this Indian couple, the answer is, YES. They locked eyes at a mutual friend's birthday celebration in 2011 and now they're getting married! Chuck Eaton Photographers brings us a lovely collection of images from this North Carolina Indian wedding! Feast your eyes on the beautiful bride getting ready for her big day. Maharani Rupal's hair & makeup flawlessly complements her gorgeous gold & fuchsia lengha which is designed by Anamika Khanna. I just adore the subtle gold shimmery eye shadow that the amazing Belladev Hair and Makeup Artistry applies on the bride's deep, brown eyes. And her ruby lips adds just the perfect pop of color! And ladies, check out those fierce off-white, peak-toe shoes, which are by the one and only Salvatore Ferragamo! I love the bit of bling above the heel! The groom-to-be is no slouch either! Maharaja Naman is looking quite dapper in his red & gold sherwani! These two make a handsome pair! Stay with us as we uncover more of this awesome event, which is planned and designed by the incomparable Ayesha Mian Wedding Planning & Decor. For more on the bride getting ready, visit the gallery!

indian bride getting ready
indian bride getting ready
indian bride getting ready
indian bride getting ready
indian bride getting ready
indian bride getting ready
indian bride getting ready

From the bride, on how they met:

"Naman and I met in the endearing city of Boston on a fateful spring night in 2011. My 3rd year in optometry school was coming to an end as was Naman's final year in business school. The setting: a fancy restaurant; the event: the celebration of a friend's birthday. I noticed Naman towards the very beginning of the night but, alas couldn't work up the courage to actually talk to him. Lucky for me, one of my friends worked up the courage for me and played wing woman. She went up to Naman and told him that he should come talk to me. Naman, on his end, was also feeling nervous because he himself was thinking of ways to come talk to me. In the end, his friend prodded him into going up to me. Naman introduced himself to me and, suddenly, there was no looking back. From the first introduction, we spent the rest of the night talking away. For us, it truly was "love at first sight."

On the proposal:

"A few days before Thanksgiving, Naman had an “unexpected business trip” come up leaving me all alone on Thanksgiving. I was super upset, it is one of my favorite holidays – food, shopping and family – what’s not to love? Luckily, I had some amazing family nearby to spend it with. The plan was to wake up at 8 am for shopping with my cousins, but instead I was woken up at 4:30 AM to an envelope with a message inside...(“Love of my life, Let’s go on an adventure. Follow Neha & Anisha and don’t ask too many questions! – Naman”) Minutes later, my suitcase was packed and I was in a car headed to the airport where I got a second envelope from Anisha which was accompanied by first class tickets to MIAMI and this message: (“Let’s take ourselves back in time”). After a flight full of questions and wondering what was going on, I landed in Miami where I received a third envelope: (“Because, I know you can’t live without them”). Waiting at baggage claim, ready to sneak up from behind and surprise me were my sister Priya and best friend Maisha! The girls were excited and already had the entire day planned. Overwhelmed with excitement and uncertain about what was going on, I decided to just go with the flow and follow the girls. The girls soon got to the hotel where I received a fourth envelope: (“We all thought you might want to freshen up”). SO TRUE, I had woken up at 4:30 am and barely had time to brush my hair. But really, who doesn’t like freshening up when a gorgeous dress, shoes, and jewelry are picked and laid out for you. After getting ready the girls and I headed over to the Fountain Blu for a spa day. Nails, champagne and girl talk-what more does a girl need! Once we were done being pampered it was time to do my favorite thing in the world-BRUNCH! The girls suggested we get dressed up and have a photo shoot on the beach, so once we were done with brunch we headed back to the hotel to change again. Very conveniently, that was where I got my fifth message: This message came with a stunning pink dress, Michael Kors shoes, and some gorgeous jewelry. Swoon! - who doesn’t love a man with good taste? (Ok – maybe he had help from a certain sister along the way ;)). As we stepped outside, there was a limo waiting to take us to the beach! And finally, as we start taking a few pictures on the beach, the girls asked me to keep walking and hand me the final envelope: (“It’s time to see if I can make you smile forever…”)There, I look up to see Naman standing in the sand, tuxedo and all! As I walked up to him, he gets on one knee and gives the most heart melting proposal speech. There were tears, there were laughs, and I obviously said YES!"

On the hair & makeup:

"I spent many hours narrowing down the styles I wanted to have for my wedding. But I owe all of the credit to Neeta Patel at Belledev Studios. Her honesty and little adjustments to what I wanted created the perfect styles! She took the time to listen to all of my details and then brought my vision to reality-making me feel like a real princess! All while being fun and calming at the same time :)"

On the lenghas:

"Shopping in Bombay! I spend hours and hours on Pinterest and other various sites narrowing down the style I wanted. I had a few designers whose work I loved, so I made a list of all of the boutiques in Bombay that would carry my style. And it was as early as day 2 of shopping where I found my dream dress. Surprisingly enough, it looked nothing like any of the dresses I became obsessed with online. This one was different, super unique and love and first sight for me! Designed by Anamika Khanna, it was a lengha with bold vibrant colors and the most beautiful and intricate embroideries. For me, finding this perfect outfit completed my fairy tale indian wedding :)"

Ceremony images are up next!

Floral & Decor: Carolina Wedding Belle | Venues: Omni Charlotte Hotel | Ceremony Venue: The Ritz-Carlton Charlotte | Cakes & Treats: Ella’s Celestial Cakes | Ceremony Lengha: Anamika Khanna | Ceremony Shoes: Salvatore Ferragamo | Groom Fashions: Acustom Apparel | Reception Shoes: Christian Louboutin | Ring Designer: Tacori | Stationery: Mira Malhotra- Mumbai | Catering: Bombay Grille | Photo Booth: Snapster Booth | DJ: Amit DjDesi Vasi | Chairs: Carolina's Luxury Event Rentals | Horse: Latta Plantation