Happy Friday, maharanis! Before the weekend gets under way, check out this delightful Indian wedding highlight reel by Lucid Lens Filmmakers that takes place at the prestigious Sheraton Mahwah Hotel in New Jersey. This short film has it all! See the bride getting ready - from mehndi to makeup - and looking flawless! Enjoy the pithi party and then dance along with the baraat followed by the entertaining sangeet. Now, journey to the gorgeous mandap and experience a beautiful outdoor ceremony that's filled with emotion. Then, hit the dancefloor with the lovely couple at their fab reception where every detail, from the lengha to the sweetheart stage, is breath-taking. The eye-popping floral & decor is courtesy of Elegant Affairs Inc.. Every moment is a must-see!

From the bride, on how she met her groom:

"We were both living in Washington DC and were home in NJ during the winter holidays. We met in NY when my best friend introduced us. We exchanged phone numbers but he never called! I called him a few weeks later when we were back in DC and we finally met for a dinner/movie date. Nine years later, that's history."

On the super romantic proposal:

"The proposal was amazing. I'm extremely hard to surprise because I find out everything BUT he really pulled out all the stops and I was definitely surprised. He said he wanted to go away somewhere for the weekend and thought DC would be fun since we hadn't been back in a while. I thought that was weird anyway because he doesn't plan anything haha! He picked this amazing hotel - The Donovan House - and the hotel upgraded us to the penthouse suite (since they also knew he was going to propose- they were in on it!) We both love the DC Waterfront and at this point I really thought he was going to propose but throughout the night he would say and do things that made me think otherwise.This guy had me going! We had dinner - nothing. We went to the waterfront - nothing. We went to the beautiful Kennedy Center - STILL NOTHING. He finally says to go back to the hotel and by now I was pretty sure he was not going to propose. Then we get to our suite and when he opens the doors, it's beautiful! Candles everywhere, roses everywhere, champagne, etc. He got down on one knee and told me he wanted to bring me back to where it all began to start a new chapter in our lives. Best moment ever! Not to mention, the next morning he went above and beyond and surprised me again by having my brother, sister in law, and my two little nephews join us for brunch. They live in Virigina so my husband had told them to drive to DC and meet us for brunch...AMAZING WEEKEND!"

On the wedding style:

"Since our wedding was in early October we wanted to go for a colorful Fall theme during the wedding ceremony and then a romantic blush feeling during the reception - more subdued colors.
We were lucky enough to have our wedding outside with all the greenery, the perfect backdrop to our colorful mandap/bridesmaid/decor!"

On what was most enjoyable about planning the wedding:

"The involvement of all of our family and friends. Everyone gets so excited and it just makes our events that much more special. What we loved so much about our wedding is just seeing everyone there and enjoying. Family is so important to all of us, and our photographer and videographer captured that perfectly!"

On choosing her lenghas:

"I went to Mumbai for all of mine, my family's, my husband's and his family's clothes. I have a lot of family in India and they know exactly where to go. I did spend a lot of time online trying to figure out what I wanted beforehand but it didn't matter because all my choices changed once I was in India. I got my mehndi outfit from a designer - Chamee and Palak. My reception outfit was handmade by a designer friend. I actually found a picture of what I wanted and it was like nothing I saw anyone wear. She duplicated it for me and it was perfect - romantic and comfortable!"

On hair & makeup:

"I worked with Susmita from Style by Susmita. She's amazing and gave me the most amazing and romantic looks. I didn't have to give her any real input because she knew exactly what would suit me. For the ceremony I just left it in her hands and I thought she did an amazing job of making me feel like a real bride without overdoing it! I wanted to look elegant but still fun and comfortable for the reception which it definitely was!"

On the mehndi:

"My mehndi artists - Ruchi and Mansi - they were amazing. So accommodating, quick, and their work is flawless."

On a very special moment:

"Walking to the mandap and stepping foot on that mandap is very vivid in my head. I'm a real put-together, OCD person who had everything mapped out, spreadsheets galore, to the T. But when that moment came for me to actually walk toward my soon-to-be husband, I was shaking, on the verge of tears and had so many emotions running through me ...it was INCREDIBLE. I just felt so much love and emotion, just overwhelming and amazing!"

On their first dance:

"Our song that we danced to was "You and Me" by Lifehouse. We both just fell in love with it when we heard it on the radio and it was also the first concert we went to together."

On help from family & friends:

"Our friends and family helped with pretty much everything. We really couldn't have done any of it without them. There aren't certain specific things that they did but I guess you could say our family and friends ARE the special details that added to our event."

Hope you enjoyed this video, my luvs!

Baraat: Equishare Baraat Horses, Rickshaws and Carriages | Garba Venue: Clinton Manor Banquet | Cakes & Treats: A Little Cake | Mehndi Artist: Ruchi's Mehendi | Hair & Makeup: Style by Susmita (Susmita Patel) | Hair - Bridesmaid: Dawn Gomez | DJ: DJ Gaurav | Photography: Wrinkle in Time Photography | Catering: Tandoor & Co. Restaurant