At first glance, this engagement is a bundle of bling and happiness that is the perfect combo. But when you start peeling back those gorgeous layers, you will quickly see that this love story captured by Aria Fine Art Films is a slice of Indian wedding heaven. It’s the details I absolutely adorethe bride’s jewelry, her eye makeup, and oh, her groom isn’t so bad either! It’s an engagement dream come alive, so cozy up and enjoy!

From the bride, on meeting her Raja:

"I met him at a job interview for a pharmacy manager position, at his pharmacy in the city. We knew within weeks that we wanted to be with each other. There was a certain unknown chemistry we had. It was destined."

On her engagement:

"January 1st is when we got engaged. We were at his condo, snowing and cold in chicago, but we were infront of a fire and that's how we got engaged. It was a matter of just the ring, we already knew we were going to get married."

On her wedding style:

"I wanted it to be grand, memorable and unique. I like to make a statement and I want things to be different. There was alot of funk but also classy and traditional at times."

On planning her wedding:

"I got to know my husband better."

On choosing her bridal gown:

"I designed all of my outfits...from picking fabric, stones, thread..everything..I also did both parents and all siblings..and bride parties."

On her most special moment from the wedding:

"Everyone had a blast..and that's what we wanted. We would tell our parents were proud, us being the first in the family getting married from both sides. We made them happy and couldn't be thrilled ourselves."

On their first dance:

"Hum ho hi...and happy...we did rumba to the hindi party and other mixed ballroom moves for the faster beat of 'Happy.'"

On her hair and makeup:

"Yes, I researched many hair styles, mixed and matched, and found 5 that worked for me."

On family and friends helping out:

"Yes my parents especially my mom was dedicated to making my dreams come true with the wedding."

On her other wedding details:

"I ordered special mehendi candleshad our names on them. We had an amazing dessert bar. Each event there was party favor given. We had a mandap made and rushed to the USA for us. Jewelry along with many things for the wedding were jodha akbar theme, we wanted the royal, palace feel. And that went down not only to the clothes but also the jewelry. I am still on my honeymoon so if there is anything else you need please let me know I am writing as much as I can with limited internet access. Alsoour engagement trailer is one to see!!"

We've got another awesome feature on the way so stay tuned! 

Cinematography: Aria Cinema Films