Grab your kettle corn and a soft blanket and cozy up for one of the most imaginative Filmy Friday features ever! One Word Entertainment has hit this one out of the park and way into the sunset with a remarkably delightful soundtrack and an unusually inventive video style that mirrors the hit TV show 24. After a sweet and simple ceremony, guests shower the bride and groom with white rose petals and soon they are off to make a grand entrance at the reception. But before you know it...the clock countdown has started (a la 24) and the screen splits into four simultaneous scenes of wedding action! In one corner, we see guests gathering in the Savill Court Hotel and Spa, which is aglow with twinkling lights, and in another corner our Maharani touches up her hair and makeup with the help of Ranjit Mudher and Patti Panue. Such excitement! As the clock winds down, we are serenaded by Journey's "Don't Stop Believing" and the dance floor is filled with festive friends and family! This creative Indian wedding film gets four stars!

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Cinematography: One Word Entertainment | Venues: Savill Court Hotel and Spa | Photography: Montography | DJ: Finesse Music | Lighting: Finesse Music | Hair & Makeup: Patti Panue | Hair & Makeup: Ranjit Mudher | Catering: Preeti Catering