Oh joy, Maharanis! You are about to be whisked away to a glittering wonderland in this Indian wedding film trailer by Pure Motion Films. Seriously, the dance floor at this reception looks like a twinkling night sky— the fluttering lights by Luxury Lounge & Lighting create a spectacular starlit ambiance that is as romantic and perfect as this Maharani's sparkling Valentino peep-toes. Speaking of this bride's stylish ways, wait until you see her camera-ready complexion with the help of the always fabulous Bridal Elements Hair & Makeup. While Nadia D Photography snaps away, ensuring this glowing couple a sensational photo album to treasure, we get to sit back, drink our morning mochas, and enjoy a resoundingly epic soundtrack to this glamorous and heartfelt event (you gotta hear the speeches!). I still can't get over that celestial dance floor!

I'm gonna add a touch more whipped cream to my fancy coffee  and then I'll be back with a third filmy feature!