Oh, love...is there anything better? This video from Pacific Pictures is an emotional, beautiful cinematic treasure that showcases Maharani Monica and Raja Shail as they become husband and wife on the picturesque shores of Jamaica. The white orchids and towering orange and pink floral decor by Working Brides (wait until you see the phenomenal mandap!) is gorgeous on its own, but pair it with the backdrop of a tropical paradise and this wedding is now 100 percent perfect. Keith Cephus Photography is on hand to snap close-ups and full-view shots of the entire event. Plus, I have to mention the music in this video because...wow! It's like the grand score of a high-budget romance picture. And, it should be, because this video is a story of true love!

Grab another tissue, Maharanis, because another spectacular Indian wedding video is coming up!
Cinematography: Pacific Pictures | Hair & Makeup: Studio Sush | DJ's & Entertainment: DJ Suhel | Venues: Half Moon Resort | Planning & Design: Working Brides | Photography: Keith Cephus Photography