Aside from sharing Indian wedding inspiration, we are always on the look out for innovative services that can make an Indian bride's life easier. For instance: invitations. Designing the perfect invitation may be fun; however, the average Indian wedding has 450 guests -- that is a lot of mailing addresses!
And that's why I fell in love with Postable the second I heard of it.
Postable makes collecting and organizing mailing addresses a breeze, which is why every Indian bride needs this nifty tool at her disposal! Check out how easy it is:
Step 1. Sign up for a FREE account with Postable.
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Send indian wedding invitations with postable

Step 2. Postable creates a custom link for you ( that you send to family & friends.
Step 3. Everyone spends 10 seconds filling out the short form, and VOILA! Your address book is now current and up-to-date!

The best part is you can easily export addresses to Excel, print labels or even send the info to your calligrapher. Actually no, sorry -- the best part is that it will save your Maharani hair from going grey before you get to the mandap!

So head over to
Postable right now, and make sure you bookmark their Website. It's also a great tool for when you have to send thank you notes...or even birth announcements! (Nudge, nudge, wink, wink.)