The final set of exclusive photos from this Winter E-magazine feature takes us to Maharani Tazin and groom Naveed's Indian wedding day.  Studio Uma follows as Nordstrom bridal hair and makeup artists make sure this Indian bride turns heads with luscious lashes, a brilliant red lippy and flowers in her hair. The bride wears her late grandmother's antique earrings (more than 40 years old!) in remembrance, and adds a necklace, bracelet and head jewelry to match. Doesn't she embody the quintessential Maharani?!
Makeup ideas for an indian bride. Red lipstick and other makeup ideas for an indian bride.
Indian bridal makeup sketch and wedding ring.
Indian bridal jewelry set includes gold necklace.
Indian bride and groom in traditional indian wedding outfits.
Indian bride and groom before indian wedding ceremony.
Indian bride puts on indian bridal jewelry. closeup of indian bridal jewelry for indian bride.
Make sure to come back for more Indian wedding inspiration tomorrow! And for the rest of this Indian wedding, be sure to check out our brand new Maharani Weddings Winter E-magazine!

Photography: Studio Uma | Photography: Studio Uma | Venues: Franklin Park Conservatory | Venues: Creekside Conference and Event Center | Catering: Cafe Istanbul | Cakes & Treats: Nanak Bakery | Hair & Makeup: Nordstrom | DJ's & Entertainment: Sajin Reza | Fireworks: Target | Hair: Toria Leslie | Lighting: Franklin Park Conservatory | Lighting: Creekside Conference and Event Center | Luxury Bridal Fashions: Elan Boutique Atlanta | Luxury Travel Concierge: Holiday Inn Hotel Columbus Downtown - Capitol Square | Luxury Travel Concierge: Columbus Marriott | Makeup: P. Dylan Snoor | Photo Booths: Encore Entertainment