Sometimes your besties know what's best, and that is just the case with today's Sweetheart Sunday couple. Rima and Alpesh heard about each other for years before they actually met. A mutual friend who knew them as individuals thought they'd get along swimmingly together, and guess what -- he was right! Last October on Rima's birthday the strangers finally met. And you can probably guess the rest of the story, as I happily present to you their engagement photos!
Indian wedding photographer Sachi Anand Photography meets with the lovebirds at Pennsylvania's Valley Forge National Historic Park for these sweet photos. I love the way these two look at each other, don't you?
Indian wedding photography for engagement photos.
Engagement photos of Indian bride and groom.
Indian bride and groom outdoor engagement photos.
Black and white engagement photo of Indian bride and groom.
Indian bride and groom at outdoor engagement photo session.
A week of Indian wedding inspiration begins tomorrow! See you then.