Maharani Weddings is thrilled to partner with some fantastic Indian wedding vendors that will make your special day even more wonderful! From memorable Indian wedding cakes to luxury yachts. we are excited to introduce them you.



When it comes to making your Indian wedding dreams come true, it's Electric Karma International to the rescue. This Houston, Texas based team is one of the world's premiere Indian wedding planners. With out of the box thinking and an eye towards combining the traditional with the modern, Electric Karma International are the perfect consultants to any Maharani. President Therese Cole-Hubbs and her team have more than 27 years of experience, and have planned more than 600 weddings. Their success comes from  realizing that the most important factor in planning an Indian wedding is hospitality.

An Indian bride and groom at their modern Indian wedding ceremony.
An Indian bride and groom at their unique Indian wedding venue.
Indian wedding decorations from Electric Karma International.
Wedding venue ideas for an Indian wedding or bridal mehndi party.
Indian wedding ideas from Yacht Connections.
Host an Indian wedding party on Yacht Connections.

And Electric Karma International can even help you plan the perfect mehndi party or sangeet! Here are some exclusive tips from these Indian wedding experts, including how to make the most of your pre-wedding ceremonies:

    • Before you plan anything, determine what the emotion of the event is going to be!


    • Use your location as inspiration! For example: if you're planning a event in Texas, why not throw a cowboys and Indians themed event? Embrace funny stereotypes by having everyone get to a barn on horse drawn carriages and hay rides! Why not have a bull riding competition? Use the obvious to create something out of this world!


    • Create interactive events such as cooking class parties, after hour boutique parties and make-up parties.


    • Remember mehndi nights are typically for women and can become pseudo bridal parties.


    • Many times after months of planning for her Indian wedding, an auntie or uncle that believes they know exactly how the event should go tries to alter decisions "because its the way its always done." It is important for brides to have a wedding planner who can make sure her vision is carried throughout her entire wedding.


    • For fusion Indian weddings, remember that a person's culture and customs are extremely important to them -- if not them, then their family. Make sure you make every effort to incorporate as much of both cultures as you can, including through food, decor and clothing!


    • In Indian culture, it is important to make sure your guests feel like royalty. The only way you can accomplish this is by creating environments that lend guest to relax and enjoy their time spent with you. Remember you don't have to go crazy with this: even a small personalized thank you after every event will suffice! 


      With a firm understanding of Indian culture and values, these Indian wedding planners can create an Indian wedding experience that is rich with tradition, but also uniquely 


      . Make sure to ask about the company's various Indian wedding packages, include their most popular offer "The Designer." This package pairs Indian brides with a senior designer at an amazing deal! (And don't all Maharanis love a good deal?)




Growing up in California, there's nothing more calming and majestic than drifting in the beautiful ocean.  And Yacht Connections Int'l makes the experience even more luxurious  by providing the most elegant private yachts available for charter.  If you're  looking to host a memorable Indian wedding, imagine your closest girlfriends  on one of these fabulous yachts, sipping champagne in one hand while your mehndi dries in another! These beautiful boats are also fabulous venues for an Indian engagement party or sangeet.


      For an intimate gathering of 12 or less, I love the look of 

Yacht Connections Int'l

      's "Yacht Lady" -- the 80-foot fiberglass vessel offers modern, sleek comfort with a beautiful salon and an outside deck.




As a wedding guest, there's nothing I look forward to more than seeing the newlywed's wedding cake! Just like your choice of decor, venue or florals, your Indian wedding cake says a lot about you and your Raja. Are you a traditionalist, a modern Maharani or a couple with a wicked sense of humor? The Cake Designer of Central New Jersey can help create the perfect custom wedding cake to impress your guests. Aside from looking beautiful, I love that these cake professionals can whip up healthy alternatives. Want something dairy-free, sugar-free and organic? No problem.


The Cake Designer

      , the design is only limited to your creativity! These beauties make the perfect dessert for Indian engagement parties, sangeets, mehndi parties and more. Make sure you ask about their henna cakes, which are inspired by mehndi art!


      We are so happy to work with these great Indian wedding vendors, and know that you'll love working with them too!


Planning & Design: Electric Karma International | Floral & Decor: Electric Karma Photos 3&4: Prashe Decor