After the welcome dinner, mehndi, sangeet and we are, Maharanis! The Indian wedding ceremony begins NOW! Bride Amisha arrives gracefully upon a palanquin at the Devi Garh Palace with a bridal party dressed in shades of red. The procession makes its way to the altar, where groom Premal anxiously waits for his Indian bride. I absolutely love the custom sheet that instructs our Raja not to peek -- just adorable!
An Indian bride is carried into her Indian wedding upon a palanquin.
A white sheet separates a groom from seeing his approaching Indian bride!
The groom sees his Indian bride for the first time in her bridal outfit.
An Indian bride and groom trade flower wreaths during their Indian wedding ceremony.
Indian wedding photos capture this beautiful outdoor wedding in Udaipur, India.
This Indian wedding altar is decorated with large paintings and flower garlands.
Indian wedding photos of a beautiful outdoor wedding in Udaipur, India.
Relatives of the Indian bride and groom at their Indian wedding altar.

An Indian bride and groom are covered in confetti as they become husband and wife.
An outdoor Indian wedding reception up shortly!
Venues: Devi Garh Palace | Planning & Design: Devi Garh Palace | Photography: F5 Photography | Planning & Design: Frozen Apple Events | Luxury Bridal Fashions: S&F Collection | Sangeet Outfit: Ratansikheraj & Eshaani Jayaswal | Wedding&Reception Outfit: Padma Jalan