Maharanis: what happens when a families from North and South India join forces? Why, you have two wedding ceremonies of course! We join Maharani Leena and groom Sriram on the first day of their three-part Indian wedding at Fairfax's Mandarin Oriental. SYPhotography photographs our bride, who looks like a South Indian Barbie doll in an elegant bridal sari with a floral printed chuni and a sequined choli. As traditional of South Indian brides, her long hair is meticulously decorated with little flowers -- what a work of art!
Midway through their Indian wedding ceremony, the Maharani accepts a vibrant blue sari from her new in-laws.  Lovely, no?
A South Indian bride before her traditional Indian wedding ceremony.
Indian wedding photography in the outdoors.
Indian bridal hair accessories, like the beautiful flowers, are a must for an Indian bride.
An Indian bride and groom enter their traditional South Indian wedding ceremony.
A groom wears a jaimala during his traditional South Indian wedding ceremony.
A South Indian bride wears a blue chuni, a gift from her inlaws at her Indian wedding.
Indian wedding photos capture this South Indian bride on her big day.
Flowers are essential in the Indian bridal hair accessories, especially if you're a South Indian bride!
An Indian bride and groom at their beautiful and traditional South Indian wedding.
A South Indian bride shows off her bridal henna.
An Indian bride and groom walk off into the sunset.
Next up, a traditional North  Indian wedding!

Venues: Mandarin Oriental | Cinematography: Celeste Studios | Floral & Decor: DaVinci's Florist | DJ's & Entertainment: DJ's Unlimited South Asia | Hair & Makeup: Makeup by Ami