On a fair May day in Birmingham, Alabama, today's featured bride Swati becomes a full fledged Maharani. With S.A. Kamath Photography to document all the excitement, we meet at Embassy Suites Hoover to greet the sweethearts, whose romance began unexpectedly in August 2004. While the Maharani doesn't  recall the fateful night they met, her fiancee Saurin was quite taken aback by Swati. While the bride looks gorgeous on her wedding day, it warms my heart to see her through her grooms eyes. Read his romantic account of meeting her for the first time after these stunning photos!

From Raja Saurin: "When I met Sauri, I had no idea what to expect. Hidden behind her mysterious round eyes and her soft smile could have been anyone: a wannabe Bollywood star, a southern belle with an eye for international travel, a talented arts and craftist, a chef and food fanatic, a deeply respectful daughter, an eternally reliable friend, a budding physician, a keeper of my heart.
Fortunately, she turned out to be all of those, and so much more."
Oh dear. Let's jump into their Indian wedding ceremony before I start welling up!