As we learned in the first post, this Sikh wedding was a HUGE deal for our Maharani's family. Since it was the first union in almost 20 years, this almost completely D.I.Y. savvy spender wedding called for everyone's participation...and I think it's safe to say the hard work paid off! The Maharani kept the decor in the wedding hall simple, choosing to draw most attention to the wedding altar. With just a few touches of vibrant draped fabrics and carefully placed flower displays, the couple's altar was complete. Take a look at these lovely photos from Renatus Photography + Videography, and find out what made this the best day of our Maharani's life!

More from Maharani Simran: "In 'Bend It Like Beckham', the videographer keeps saying to the bride that she should keep her eyes down and not smile, cause Indian brides don't do that. Thank God that wasn't the case for me. I was allowed to smile, laugh and totally be myself even though this would be the showcase of my life. I had a modest wedding, but the experience of my family's hard work, my husband's love and support and a matriach (my grandmother) ruling with an iron fist made it the best day of my life!"
Up next is the tearful conclusion of this Sikh ceremony...don't go anywhere!
Mehndi Artists: Divine Beauty Creations | Cinematography: Renatus Photography + Videography | Hair & Makeup: Sarah Chaudhry