Another Sunday, another pair of Sweethearts to celebrate! I'm thrilled to announce the winner of this week's Sweethearts Sunday is Maharani Ruchi and fiancee Yash of Sugar Land, Texas. Pentafour Photography snapped these lovely engagement photos of the young lovebirds, who are perfectly color coordinated -- so cute! Recently married last month, they officially met through friends during a Garba three years ago. And crazy enough, their parents have known each other for years!
If you love these images, find out more about Maharani's inspiration below.

From Maharani Ruchi: "I have always wanted a crazy photo shoot with props and cute stuff, but it all changed the day before the shoot. I have been and still am addicted to Maharani Weddings since we started planning the wedding more than a year ago. Seeing so so many different yet simply elegant ideas on here from other brides made me think of having a watershoot. My photographer calls me the "crazy bride" because I wanted do a photo shoot in the water the day of my wedding as well! lol. Also to have your inspiration come alive, it's in the magic hands of the photographer. Roy Abraham of Pentafour Photography had to have the visual image in his mind to have these pictures come out so nice."
Thank you for sharing your wonderful photo shoot with us, and we wish you a lifetime of happiness. Maharanis, make sure you come back tomorrow for a brand new week of Indian weddings to blow your mind!
Photography : Pentafour Photography