Happy Mehndi Week, Maharanis! Aren't you sad it's almost over?
I have just three wonderful mehndi artists left for you to feast your eyes upon until YOU help us declare who wins the Mehndi Maharani contest! First finalist on the docket comes Mehndi Designer.

A bit About Neeta: For the last two and half decades I have been adorning brides and inspiring artists with my mehendi designs. I have shared my passion for Henna worldwide. [...] I am proud to be able to decorate each bride-to-be with a pattern unique to her personality, including motifs that express her inner dreams and desires & love how the mehendi ceremony fits into the entire celebration of Indian Weddings.
Whew! -- if you think Neeta's work is breathtaking, leave a comment below to help her win! The last contestants in this year's Mehndi Maharani will make their way to your computer sceen shortly.
Mehndi Artists: Mehndi Designer