Good morning, Maharanis! We're half way through with Mehndi Week here at Maharani Weddings, but don't fret -- I still have five more AMAZING mehndi artists to share with you! Our readers get to choose their favorite artist for the winner of our Mehndi Maharani contest, so be sure to cast your vote below.
We start off today with beautiful work from Henna Lounge!

A bit about Darcy: I started Henna Lounge in San Francisco in 2005 and recently expanded into destination weddings. I do dozens of weddings each year, and I love helping to carry on this beautiful tradition, still popular after thousands of years! In some cases, the mehndi is what brings families of different cultures together. Fun facts about me: I like to do flirty "honeymoon henna", I have hennaed Sara Sidner (of CNN) and Aneesh Sheth (of Outsourced), I love the smell of mehndi, and I'm a "gori."
Give Darcy your stamp of approval by leaving a comment below. Stay tuned for more Indian weddings and Mehndi Maharani finalists!