I was smitten with this couple when I saw their Florida Indian wedding, but when I read about the non profit they start I fell head over heels in LOVE!  They creative & generous pair started an organization that supports women and children who have been trafficked or are at the risk of trafficking. They had a friend design their logo, and the women of the charity block printed the totes which were used as their welcome bags.  I can't think of a better way to jump start a wedding weekend!

From our Maharani, Rina :
Something about us is that Anup and I both co-founded a 501(c)3 non profit, Cents of Relief (www.centsofrelief.org) which supports women and children that have been trafficked or are at risk of trafficking. We started this in college when we met each other as friends at the University of Florida and have made it our life mission!
Either way, we incorporated our passion for these women and our baby (Cents of Relief) into our wedding. Our friend Leanne, had custom designed a ganesh logo for our wedding which we used for wax seals on our invites to the logo on the glass waterfall behind us on our mandap. It was also block printed by the women we work with and support in India onto jute bags that we used as our welcome bags in all our guest rooms. They took the design and block printed them onto the bags. All of these women are survivors of human trafficking now working and recieving healthcare support from our organization. If any brides are interested in giving back in someway, this was one way I felt like we were able to have the women and children be a part of our special day! They were also so excited that we were finally getting married (after so many years of "dating" they were prob confused by us being in India!)
Finale on the way!