Maharani Sonia and Iqbal's wedding took place at the Arista Winery and boy oh boy, does it look like something right out of a fairy tale! But before I get ahead of myself, let's start at the beginning! Because the wedding was at a winery, it's only fitting that there were corkscrews holding the table assignments and I just can't get enough of this idea! It's so creative and goes along perfectly with the location. A book with photos of the happy couple, a dazzling three-layer cake, and my favorite? The big, white paper lanterns decorating the area. What a beautiful location for such a lovely couple! Like I said, it looks like something right out of a fairy tale!

Coming up next is the finale to this wedding, so stay tuned!
Wedding Location: Arista Winery | Mehndi Artists: Neeta Sherma | Video: Shutter Pro